Internships with the Entertainment Industry

Many students are interested in volunteering with the legal department of an entertainment industry company, such as a motion picture or television studio or a music company. Under the California Labor Code, these companies may only hire students who get paid or receive academic credit for their work. Because the studios do not pay their interns, and because UCLA Law does not award credit for summer externships or part-time externships during the school year at for-profit institutions, these internship positions have largely been unavailable to our students.

In an effort to remedy this problem, the Law School Administration has devised a way for students to work at these internships and receive credit in the fall semester following their summer work, thus satisfying the Labor Code requirements. UCLA Law students are eligible to receive course credit for an entertainment industry summer internship by completing a research paper, preferably in connection with a general topic area on which they worked during their term at the respective venue.

The paper may be in the form of a Law 340 independent study course paper, a Law 547 Entertainment Law Research and Writing substantial analytical paper, a paper for another law seminar or a faculty-supervised law review article. All paper topics must be approved in advance in writing by the program's Executive Director. The papers are typically written and awarded credit during the Fall or Spring semester following a summer internship, but they can be written concurrently with proper advance planning for part-time internships during the school year. It is always the responsibility of the student to arrange in a timely manner the means and supervision by which the paper is to be completed. Learn more about school-year part-time externships.