Sports and the Law is part of the Entertainment and Media Law and Policy Program and covers the broad range of legal issues related to both professional and amateur team sports, including labor issues, antitrust issues, individual player-club contract issues, constitutional issues, and gender equity issues. The course has two core aspects: a doctrinal component and a clinical component. Students must be enrolled in the course in order to participate in the clinical aspect of the course.

The clinical part of Sports and the Law allows students to prepare for and conduct a simulation that gives them hands-on experience in the world of Sports Law practice. In one exercise, students participate in mock player-team contract negotiation involving the Los Angeles Lakers.  Those students get advice and feedback from both an experienced player agent and the Lakers’ General Manager Mitch Kupchak.  In another exercise, students have the opportunity to represent a fictional car company while revising and renegotiating a sponsorship agreement between the car company and the Los Angeles Dragons (a stand-in for the Dodgers).  Working with Toyota lawyer Teri Paul, students learn first-hand the role that lawyers play within a company in working with the business people to negotiate, draft, and revise sports sponsorship agreements. The students also get advice from—and get the chance to negotiate directly with--Dodgers General Counsel Sam Fernandez, who offers valuable feedback that helps the the students to build critical negotiation and drafting skills.  In a third exercise, students negotiate against one another for a major league baseball player after getting advice and feedback from both an experienced agent like Joel Wolfe of WMG and experienced club-side representative Alex Tamin—a former participant in the sports law clinical exercises who is now Major League Baseball’s leading club-side arbitration expert.   

Professor Steven K. Derian​ teaches this course.

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