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Announcing the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment -  April 10, 2014
UCLA Wells Clinic Files Supreme Court Brief on Behalf of NRDC -  April 01, 2014
UCLA Students Take 2nd Place at Environmental Negotiations Competition -  March 21, 2014
Clinic files brief in CA Court of Appeal case  -  March 13, 2014
Alex Wang Quoted in Wall Street Journal Article on Beijing's Air Pollution Problem -  February 25, 2014
Ann Carlson Comments on Greenhouse Gas Regulation in Los Angeles Times and Daily Journal Articles -  February 25, 2014
Cara Horowitz Featured on KQED Radio's Forum to Discuss Proposed Carbon Fuels Tax -  February 24, 2014
Cara Horowitz Advises Legislators on Spending Cap-and-Trade Revenue -  February 13, 2014
Reuters News Quotes Alex Wang on Proposed Boost to Chinese Environmental Protection -  February 10, 2014
Emmett Center Files Brief in U.S. Supreme Court Greenhouse Gas Case -  January 27, 2014
Alex Wang Quoted in New York Times Article on Cross-Border Pollution from China -  January 20, 2014
Environmental Law Clinic Students Speak at US Senate Oceans Caucus Briefing in DC -  December 09, 2013
Cara Horowitz Testifies at California Senate Hearing on Climate Change -  December 03, 2013
Ethan Elkind Editorial on Renewable Energy Featured in Sacramento Bee -  November 24, 2013
Megan Herzog interviewed on HuffPo Live about Emmett Center's plastic marine litter Pritzker Brief -  November 14, 2013
Cara Horowitz Publishes LA Times Op-Ed on Plastic Marine Litter -  November 04, 2013
Ted Parson interviewed on NPR's "All Things Considered" -  October 20, 2013
New report from UCLA and UC Berkeley environmental law centers suggests economic and environmental opportunities from high speed rail collaboration -  August 21, 2013
Ann Carlson discusses EPA's criticism of the State Department's EIS on PRI -  April 26, 2013
Emmett Center's Edward Parson and Harvard's David Keith propose new structure to guide geoengineering research -  March 14, 2013