Accessible Higher Education for Citizens of Native Nations
From The U.N. Report on the Situation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Indigenous People (para. #72-73):
"[T]he University of California at Los Angeles…has set up the Tribal Learning Community and Educational Exchange (TLCEE) to help generate a curriculum based both on Western scholarship and tribal knowledge”
Welcome to TLCEE!

Welcome to the Tribal Learning Community & Educational Exchange (TLCEE). We hope you will find useful information on these web pages and visit often to discover new opportunities for tribal communities and community members here at UCLA and beyond. Whether you are interested in law school related matters, graduate or undergraduate education, please feel free to email us at with questions about American Indian programs at UCLA.

The Tribal Learning Community & Educational Exchange (TLCEE) is an innovative legal and general education program housed at the UCLA School of Law. With its interdisciplinary scope, TLCEE joins Native peoples’ perspectives, knowledge, priorities, and visions for the future with the academic world at UCLA. TLCEE's primary goal is to develop relevant courses for delivery to Native community members and UCLA students interested in American Indian Studies. Collaborating with Native community members and traditional knowledge bearers, TLCEE focuses on enhancing Native governance and cultural resource protection. TLCEE also encourages Native youth and Tribal community members to enroll in college level courses and works to serve as a base for Native community members attending UCLA.
As part of its effort to link the UCLA community to Native communities locally, nationally, and internationally, TLCEE works with the Tribal Legal Development Clinic to train UCLA law students as they develop and implement nation building projects with Native community leaders. TLCEE also creates opportunities for UCLA graduate and undergraduate students to contribute their talents to these projects through a series of courses called Working in Tribal Communities, which is offered in conjunction with the Interdepartmental Program in American Indian Studies.
Through the UCLA Extension Tribal Learning Community, TLCEE collaborates with Tribal members, traditional knowledge bearers, as well as professionals from the Tribal Law and Policy Institute to bring information to the communities on a wide range of topics by offering on-line courses such as Introduction to Tribal Legal Studies and Violence Against Native Women. Online instruction is open to anyone with an interest in understanding issues affecting Native peoples, including Tribal members, administrators, and leaders.
TLCEE is made possible by a generous endowment from the San Manuel Band of Serrano Indians.
Note: Deadline of Spring 2014 Scholarship Applications: March 21, 2014
If you have any questions about TLCEE, its course offerings, or its projects, please contact us at: (or) call our UCLA Office at: 310-794-5216