Accessible Higher Education for Citizens of Native Nations

TLCEE On-Line Courses
As a result of collaborative efforts between TLCEE, UCLA Extension, and the Tribal Law and Policy Institute, we are able to offer a wide spectrum of on-line courses.  As of 2007, TLCEE offers an online certificate of verification called “Working in Contemporary native Nations,” these courses are open to everyone-with or without a high school diploma or equivalency.  Because UCLA does not offer part-time options for students, the TLCEE online courses provide the opportunity for participants to earn transferable credits at a pace that will work for their lives.  Enrollees are able to earn a certificate of verification by taking four courses total: three core courses and one elective.
Course Scholarships:
Thanks to the generosity of the San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians, TLCEE offers several scholarships per quarter for community members to take these on-line courses. Please apply using our online application or for more information please contact us at or call 310-794-5216.
Students also have the opportunity to earn a Verification of Completion in "Working in Contemporary Native Nations," which certifies that the student satisfactorily completed the following requirements:
1- All three online core courses:
  • Introduction to Tribal Legal Studies
  • Federal Indian Law and Policy
  • Economic Development and Nation Building in Native America
2- One of the following sample elective courses:
  • Violence Against Native Women
  • Indigenous Cultural​ Resource Protection in California: In Theory and Practice
  • Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing in a Tribal Context
  • Protecting Cultural Property in a Bio-Tech Age
  • Preservation of Tribal Cultural Material
4- Earn a grade of 'C' or better in each of the applicable courses.
For more information on the Verification of Completion, contact UCLA Extension.