Law & Philosophy Program

Legal Theory Workshop
Fall 2005 / Spring 2006

Fall 2005

Thursday, October 6
"The Validity of Promise"
David Owens
Professor of Philosophy
University of Sheffield

"Allocating Responsibility for the Harmful Effects of Assaultive Speech"
Susan J. Brison
Professor of Philosophy
Dartmouth College

"Interpretation and the Economy of Trust"
Scott J. Shapiro
Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Thursday, December 1
"It Might Have Been: Risk, Precaution, and the Opportunity Costs"
Douglas A. Kysar
Visiting Professor of Law, Yale Law School
Professor of Law, Cornell Law School

Spring 2006

Thursday, January 26
"Collateral Knowledge: Instrumental Reason, Market Sociality, Legal Subjectivity"
Annelise Riles
Professor of Law
Cornell University

Thursday, February 23
"Toleration and Politics"
Daniel Markovits
Associate Professor of Law
Yale Law School

Thursday, March 9
"The First Amendment as Battery Acid: Regulating False Advertising Versus Protecting Free Speech"
Rebecca Tushnet
Associate Professor, Georgetown University Law Center 

Thursday, April 6
"What Matters? Morality and the Concept of Law
Liam Murphy
Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy, New York University

Thursday, April 20
"Must Like Cases Be Treated Alike?"
David A. Strauss
Harry N. Wyatt Professor of Law
University of Chicago