International & Comparative Law Program

Contemporary Challenges in Human Rights Conference

April 17, 2017 | UCLA School of Law

2017 ICLP Human Rights Conference


Burkle Center for International Relations
Global Human Rights Initiative
Health and Human Rights Law Project at UCLA School of Law
UCLA International Institute
Center for Near Eastern Studies
UCLA Center for World Health
Richard Hovannisian Endowed Chair in Modern Armenian History

Sponsored by the Ann C. Rosenfield Fund

This conference will address a number of the most pressing human rights challenges facing the global community today. We will gather leading scholars in the field, including those based here at UCLA, to contribute their expertise to a wide ranging set of discussions that address these challenges and suggest ways forward.

The focus of the conference is on three critical areas of human rights challenges: National Security and Civil Liberties; Ensuring the Protection of Health as a Human Right during Conflict and Humanitarian Settings; and Accountability for Genocide and Other Mass Atrocities. With new threats against civil liberties emanating from state surveillance practices and non-state cyber-attacks, access to healthcare for vulnerable populations imperiled during conflict and its aftermath, and the International Criminal Court in crisis, the themes we will address capture some of the most urgent contemporary dangers to the protection of human rights.

A photo exhibit accompanying the conference, “Suspended Lives – Young Syrian Refugees in The Netherlands,” presents images taken by Maureen Drennan of  young people who fled the regime of Bashar-Al-Assad and are in the process of resettling.

The capstone of the conference will be a keynote lecture by Geoffrey Robertson, Q.C. concerning the relationship between genocide denial and genocide accountability with particular reference to the Armenian Genocide.