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Professor Gary Blasi Comments on Mayor's Response to Ordinances Targeting Homeless Encampments in Los Angeles Times Article

July 1,2015 -- Professor Emeritus Gary Blasi commented on Mayor Garcetti’s response to ordinances targeting homeless encampments around the city of Los Angeles. This legislation, passed by the City Council last week, would make it easier to seize and destroy homeless people's belongings in public areas. His comments appear in a Los Angeles Times article.

Retired UCLA law professor Gary Blasi said that the proposed amendments are “purely cosmetic” and that Garcetti cannot set policy for the Los Angeles Police Department, which reports to Chief Charlie Beck and ultimately to the Police Commission.

“It wouldn’t change the practical effect at all,” Blasi said. “When a homeless person is cited and doesn’t pay the fine, it goes to warrant and he faces arrest down the road.”

Blasi co-wrote an opinion piece about the ordinances that ran Tuesday in The Times accusing the city of embracing a policy of “force and intimidation” that was “guaranteed to fail.”

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