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Professor Motomura Discusses Controversial Term "Anchor Baby" in CNN Article

August 21, 2015 -- Professor Hiroshi Motomura commented on the use of the controversial term "anchor baby." His comments appear in a CNN article.

"It's become like one of those terms like illegal alien that people use as they are looking for shorthand as they try to talk about issues in immigration," said UCLA law professor Hiroshi Motomura, an immigration and citizenship scholar.

    He also noted that language about "babies" has a long history in U.S. politics, including terms like "welfare baby" that have been used in the past.

    "It also echoes some things like 'welfare baby' and things like that that make it sound like what's really going on is some strange people are having too many babies and overwhelming majority culture," Motomura said. "I think there's that image that's associated with some of these terms, like talking about people breeding too much."

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