Native Nations Law & Policy Center


Course Offerings

TLCEE offers several different types of course work: on campus, online, and community courses. Working with many programs on the UCLA campus, TLCEE has developed an interdisciplinary program to provide resources for Native and non-Native students interested in learning more about American Indian Studies and other disciplines at UCLA.  As mentioned previously, TLCEE bridges our UCLA community with local and national tribal communities to provide a diverse course offering for all prospective TLCEE students. These topics cover a wide range of interests, from language, to cultural resource management, to violence against Native women, to contemporary tribal governance structures.

Courses provided are offered in three distinct formats for our students so as to make education accessible for all and are listed as follows:

On-Campus Courses

Classes held at the UCLA campus are open to UCLA-matriculated students, as well as UCLA Extension students depending on the class and with necessary permissions. All these courses substantially contribute to the student’s broader understanding of contemporary Native responses to community challenges and provide a unique opportunity for students to engage directly with tribal community leaders, their personal stories, and the lessons which can only come from community members first-hand experience.

TLCEE offers an array of courses on the quarter system at various points throughout the academic year, including:

  • Working in Tribal Communities: An Introduction
  • Working in Tribal Communities: Preparing for the Field
  • Working in Tribal Communities: Service Learning
  • California Indian Strategies for Contemporary Change
  • Federal Indian Law & Policy
  • California Indian History
  • Cultures of Native Southern California
  • Introduction and Practicum in a Native Language I & II
  • California Experiences in Native Cultural Resource Management
  • Qualitative Research Design & Methodology for Indigenous Peoples
  • Introduction to Museum Studies

Working in Tribal Communities I, II, III are designed to train students for work in their own or another tribal community or tribal organization. UCLA Students and UCLA Extension students collaborate with TLCEE Tribal Community Partners to brainstorm, create, and implement nation-building  projects that will benefit the community or organization. The projects also provide TLCEE students with hands-on experience to enhance their studies and prepare them for post-graduation employment. 

If your tribal community or organization is interested in being a Tribal Community Partner, please contact us at or call (310) 794-5216 for more information.

Online Courses

UCLA Extension and TLCEE offer an On-line Tribal Learning Community. Geared toward working adults, these classes vary in duration and are designed to be flexible, for even the busiest schedules. Together, UCLA Extension and TLCEE have developed a program called Working in Contemporary Native Nations, which is aimed at giving the student gainful knowledge in understanding the complexities contemporary issues affecting our Native communities. When completed, a student can gain a verification of completion that certifies that the student has satisfactorily completed program coursework within the TLCEE online program.

Scholarship Applications for Spring 2019
(Scholarship Applications for Spring 2019 due by April 3, 2019)

As a result of collaborative efforts between TLCEE, UCLA Extension, and the Tribal Law and Policy Institute, we are able to offer a wide spectrum of on-line courses.  As of 2007, TLCEE offers an online certificate of verification called Working in Contemporary Native Nations. These courses are open to everyone-with or without a high school diploma or equivalency.  Because UCLA does not offer part-time options for students, the TLCEE online courses provide the opportunity for participants to earn transferable credits at a pace that will work for their lives. Enrollees are able to earn a certificate of verification by taking four courses total: three core courses and one elective.

Course Scholarships:

Thanks to the generosity of the San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians, TLCEE offers several scholarships per quarter for community members to take these on-line courses. Please apply using our online application or for more information please contact us at or call (310) 794-5216.


Students also have the opportunity to earn a Verification of Completion in "Working in Contemporary Native Nations," which certifies that the student satisfactorily completed the following requirements:

1All three online core courses:

  • Introduction to Tribal Legal Studies
  • Federal Indian Law and Policy
  • Economic Development and Nation Building in Native America

2One of the following sample elective courses:

  • Violence Against Native Women
  • Indigenous Cultural​ Resource Protection in California: In Theory and Practice
  • Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing in a Tribal Context
  • Protecting Cultural Property in a Bio-Tech Age
  • Preservation of Tribal Cultural Material

3Application for Verification of Completion.

4Earn a grade of 'C' or better in each of the applicable courses.

For more information on the Verification of Completion, contact UCLA Extension.

UCLA Native Leaders Project

Native LeadersCurrently in development, we will be offering courses geared towards our Native Youth in selected cohorts throughout the region. These university level courses will be offered to these students to give greater understanding in the subject areas of Federal Indian Law, Tribal Economic Development and Cultural Preservation. The addition of these courses will aid our students on their transcripts, personal statements and understanding of the level of study at the university level.

Registration for these courses will begin in September 2014.