Native Nations Law & Policy Center


Mission & Objectives The Tribal Learning Community & Educational Exchange (TLCEE) is an interdisciplinary, experiential education program that joins native peoples’ perspectives, knowledge, priorities, and visions for the future with the academic world at UCLA. TLCEE’s primary goal is to develop relevant courses and workshops for delivery to Native community members and UCLA students interested in American Indian Studies. Collaborating with Native community members and traditional knowledge bearers, TLCEE focuses on enhancing Native governance and cultural competence throughout Indian Country.

TLCEE implements its mission in three different settings. We offer a series of campus-based courses called Working in Tribal Communities, which is part of the UCLA American Indian Studies Interdepartmental Degree Program. These series of courses works with our UCLA undergraduate, graduate, and law students to embark on projects with tribal communities and organizations.

For our Native Community, TLCEE offers a curriculum of online classes called Working in Contemporary Native Nations, which has been designed to give the student participants gainful knowledge in understanding the complexities of current issues facing Indian Country. With the completion of these courses, UCLA Extension will offer a “Certificate of Completion” of these powerful university based courses.  For community members who would prefer not to move toward a degree or a certificate, TLCEE delivers community workshops on topics, ranging from youth leadership development to theater to lay advocate training for tribal courts.

Development of Pipeline Programs: We are currently in development of a youth-based program designed to give our Native Youth an opportunity to take university level courses that will give them greater understanding of contemporary issues affecting Indian Country.  These courses have subject matter in the areas of Federal Indian Law, Tribal Economic Development, and Cultural Preservation. The addition of these courses will aid our students on their transcripts, personal statements and understanding of the level of study at the university level.  This program is a collaborative effort of many in the development of coursework, on college preparation through a coalition of Southern California Universities, and by our community who support our Native Youth.