Native Nations Law & Policy Center

Student Resources

TLCEE works in conjunction with the following campus programs, centers, and organizations to help both current and prospective students get the most of their experiences at UCLA. 

American Indian Studies Center

The American Indian Studies Center is an Organized Research Unit (ORU), and as such its mission is to promote research, education, and community service within an academic framework. The Center acts as a focal point for faculty, pre and post doctoral fellows, and students to conduct research on issues about Native Americans.

American Indian Studies Interdepartmental Program

The Interdepartmental Program (IDP ) in American Indian Studies includes faculty from several participating academic schools and departments: Anthropology, Art History, English and Comparative Literature, Ethnomusicology, History, Law, Linguistics, Sociology, and World Arts & Cultures. Undergraduates have the opportunity to earn a major or a minor while graduate students are offered a Master of Arts or a Joint Juris Doctor/Master of Arts Degree, with four possible areas of concentration.  The program provides financial assistance for those who qualify. TLCEE also offers a list of outside scholarship and grant opportunities for students interested in American Indian studies.

Native Nations Law & Policy Center

The mission of the UCLA Native Nations Law & Policy Center (NNLPC) is to support Native Nations nationally in enhancing their governmental institutions and laws, to strengthen cultural resource protections, and to address critical public policy issues by bringing together the University's academic resources and the knowledge and experience of tribal leaders and knowledge-holders. The NNLPC includes the Tribal Legal Development Clinic, which provides a unique clinical training experience to students who are interested in working with Native Nations located within the United States on their legal development projects. The interdisciplinary clinic is open to both law students and students in the Masters program for American Indian Studies.

Indigenous Peoples Journal of Law, Culture, and Resistance

The UCLA Indigenous Peoples Journal of Law, Culture, and Resistance (IPJLCR) is an interdisciplinary publication consisting of scholarly articles, legal commentary, poetry, and artwork. The Journal accepts articles and student comments about legal, political, and social issues important to Indigenous communities in the United States and throughout the world, as well as works by artists that relate to or comment on these issues.

American Indian and Alaska Native Research Program

The goal of the American Indian and Alaska Native Research Program is to apply the Center's expertise, often in collaboration with other researchers, to improve the health of the American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) population. The program staff conducts research and provides public service and educational opportunities relevant to American Indians and Alaska Natives in California and across the nation through the use of native-grounded approaches.

Center for American Indian/Indigenous Research and Education

The Center for American Indian/Indigenous Research and Education  is located in the School of Nursing at the University of California at Los Angeles. The mission of CAIIRE is to improve the status of Native peoples by promoting, developing, and evaluating culturally appropriate health, education, and social programs.

Related Centers and Programs

TLCEE and the American Indian studies entities at UCLA also work alongside the Cesar E. Chavez Center for Interdisciplinary Instruction, the Asian American Studies Center, and  The Fowler Museum at UCLA in addressing the issues of indigenous peoples outside the boundaries of the United States.

Student Organizations

Matriculated UCLA students have a number of resources to which to turn as they develop their educational opportunities. TLCEE works with the following student organizations to serve as a base for students from Native communities attending UCLA:

  • NALSA‚Äč: Native American Law Student Association
  • AIGSA: American Indian Graduate Student Association
  • AISES: American Indian Sciences & Engineering Society
  • AISA: American Indian Student Association
  • RAIN: Retention of American Indians Now
  • AIR: American Indian Recruitment