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Patrick Del Duca

Adjunct Faculty

Patrick Del Duca B.A. Harvard, 1978
D.E.A. Université de Lyon, 1979
J.D. Harvard, 1983
Ph.D. European University Institute, Florence, Italy, 1985
Laurea di giurisprudenza, Università di Bologna, Bologna, Italy, 1987
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Professor Patrick Del Duca teaches International Finance at UCLA School of Law.  Patrick Del Duca is a seasoned international business lawyer and an expert in cross-border financial and commercial transactions, distressed debt restructuring and infrastructure development.  He has written, edited or translated seven books and over 30 articles on various aspects of transnational business and finance, comparative law (with special reference to European and Latin American law), and environmental law.  He serves as Co-Chair of the Mexico Committee of the American Bar Association’s International Law Section, and is a member of the Pacific Council on International Policy.  He is a member of the Graduate Group for the International Commercial Law LL.M. Program at UC Davis School of Law, a program in which he also lectures.  He practices law from Los Angeles as a partner of Zuber & Taillieu LLP.

Del Duca is a graduate of the European University Institute Law Department (Ph.D.), Harvard Law School (J.D.), University of Bologna facoltà di giurisprudenza (laurea), Université de Lyon II faculté de sciences économiques (D.E.A. en économie publique des transports et de l'aménagement du territoire), and Harvard College (B.A.).  Following law school, he clerked for Judge Alfred T. Goodwin of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and then for Justice Antonio La Pergola of the Corte Costituzionale in Rome.

His book, Choosing the Language of Transnational Deals: Practicalities, Policy and Law Reform (American Bar Association, 2010) addresses the role of language in the success of efforts to harmonize commercial and financial law, as well as how requirements to use official languages in governmental interactions affect party structuring of cross-border transactions.  His publications include "The Rule of Law: Mexico's Approach to Expropriation Disputes in the Face of Investment Globalization," 51 UCLA Law Review 35-141 (2003), with A. Feld and C. Vallejo; "US Capital Market Debt Meets Emerging Market Collateral," in Law of International Insolvencies and Debt Restructuring (Oceana/Oxford University Press, 2006), with L. Del Duca; "An Italian Federalism? – The State, its Institutions and National Culture as Rule of Law Guarantor," 54 American Journal of Comparative Law 799-841 (2006); and, "Notice-Filing with a Civil Law Notary 'Public-Writing' Requirement," 44 UCC Law Journal 33-66 (2011).