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Allison Hoffman

Allison Hoffman

Professor of Law
A.B., Dartmouth College, 1998
J.D., Yale, 2004
UCLA Faculty Since 2010

LAW 626 - Health Insurance and Reform

This seminar examines contemporary issues of and scholarship on health reform.  The seminar will provide a framework from which to understand and evaluate the ethical, empirical and legal implications of modern efforts at health reform.  This class will primarily focus on issues of health insurance and financing and will secondarily address issues of health care delivery.  No prior knowledge of U.S. health care systems or health law is required.

The seminar touches on various topics, including: (1) competing perspectives on what health reform should accomplish and on the appropriate role for the government vs. private markets in allocating access to health care; (2) empirical studies on public and private insurance in the United States both before and after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that gauge, for example, access to care and health care spending; (3) selected current health reform topics, including several key PPACA policies.