Faculty Profiles

Asli Bâli

Asli Ü. Bâli

Professor of Law
Faculty Director, Promise Institute for Human Rights
Director, UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies
B.A., Williams College
M.Phil., Cambridge University, Emmanuel College
M.P.A., Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University
J.D., Yale
Ph.D., Princeton University
UCLA Faculty Since 2009

LAW 165 - Methods and Theories in International and Comparative Law

This course will provide students with a very broad overview of different methodologies and theoretical perspectives employed in international and comparative law scholarship. Subjects explored during the course may include public international law (Asli Bali), international criminal law (Maximo Langer), international human rights law (Tendayi Achiume), foreign relations law (Kristen Eichensehr), comparative law (Stephen Gardbaum), international labor law (Kathy Stone), international trade law (Richard Steinberg), international intellectual property (Kal Raustiala) or international environmental law (Alex Wang).

The first session of the course will be taught by Asli Bali and Jessica Peake, and will provide an introduction to doctrinal scholarship and different methods of empirical study. The remaining five classes will be led by different members of the international and comparative law faculty. For each class students will be expected to read 1-2 assigned papers that engage in a different international or comparative law topic. Students will be required to submit before each class questions on each of the assigned readings.