Faculty Profiles

Cara Horowitz

Cara Horowitz

Andrew Sabin Family Foundation Co-Executive Director of
the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment
Co-Director, UCLA Environmental Law Clinic
B.A. Yale, 1996
J.D. UCLA, 2001
UCLA Faculty Since 2008

LAW 591 - Climate & Energy Law and Policy

Global climate change has emerged as the most significant environmental, if not societal, issue of our era. This seminar will explore cutting-edge public policy, legal, and scientific challenges involved in assessing and reducing the causes of climate change, and adapting to projected impacts.  The class will place an emphasis on U.S. policy with some focus on California‚Äôs climate policy leadership.  Students will have an opportunity to satisfy the S.A.W. requirement through a semester-long research paper, or may choose to be evaluated based on, inter alia, shorter analytical works.