Faculty Profiles

Cheryl Kelly Fischer

Cheryl Kelly Fischer

Reference Librarian & Head of Instructional Services
Lecturer in Law
B.A. UC San Diego, 1999
M.L.I.S. UCLA, 2007
J.D. UCLA, 2003
UCLA Faculty Since 2007

LAW 397 - Advanced Legal Research

This course is designed to provide students with the research skills needed in the practice of law. By taking the course, students will:
•         Acquire a strategy for tackling any legal research project in any area of law and in any working environment
•         Understand the various legal authorities, how they interrelate, and their authoritative value
•         Become familiar with all of the types of legal resources and tools, print and electronic, including free web resources
•         Learn the various methods for researching case law, statutes, administrative law, court rules, public records, news, and foreign and international  law; using legal citators; conducting legislative histories; finding and using secondary sources; and performing advanced and cost-effective online searching
•         Gain direct experience using the more important resources and tools through specific research exercises
•         Increase their searching efficiency