Faculty Profiles

Claudia Peña

Claudia L. Peña

Lecturer in Law
B.A. Mills College, 2003
J.D. UCLA, 2008

Claudia Peña teaches Introduction to Disability Law and Re-envisioning the Lawyer’s Role: Trauma Informed Lawyering and Restorative/Transformative Justice. Her research interests include civil, human, and disability rights as well as trauma-informed lawyering.

Peña is a co-founder of Repair, an organization based in Los Angeles that addresses how systems of oppression and exploitation, such as racism, make people sick and disable communities. She conducts CLE and other trainings for non-profits, government agencies and private firms on how advocates are impacted by both primary and secondary trauma and how to address the trauma experienced by their clients. She has testified at Senate hearings with regard to sex trafficking and previously directed the California Civil Rights Coalition for 5 years. Peña also teaches in the Gender Studies Department at UCLA.

Peña earned her B.A. at Mills College in Sociology and her J.D. at UCLA School of Law where she specialized in the Epstein Program in Public Interest Law and Policy and Critical Race Studies. Her work has be published in California Lawyer, Non-Profit Quarterly, and Georgetown Journal of Modern Critical Race Perspectives.