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Daniela Dover

Daniela Dover

Law and Philosophy Program Fellow
B.A. Yale University, 2005
Ph.D. New York University, expected 2015

Daniela Dover is a Fellow in Law and Philosophy at UCLA School of Law for 2014-2016. Her research and teaching interests include social and political philosophy, ethics, ancient philosophy, and the philosophy of law. She holds a B.A. in Classics from Yale University, and expects to receive her Ph.D. in Philosophy from New York University in 2015.

Winter Quarter 2015 Course:

Philosophy 166. Philosophy of Law, taught by Daniela Dover

This course introduces some of the central philosophical questions about law, such as law’s relation to nature, custom, and morality; whether, when and why we are morally obligated to obey the law; the source and scope of legal authority; and the justification of state punishment. Our readings will be drawn primarily from 20th-century and contemporary philosophers and legal theorists (e.g. Dworkin, Feinberg, Foucault, Fuller, Harris, Hart, MacKinnon, Matsuda, Raz, Wolff).

The following written work will be required for the course: daily quizzes on the readings; an in-class midterm (on January 22); a 3-4 page paper (due February 20); a 6-8 page paper (due March 6); and a take-home final exam (due March 16).

Interested law students are welcome to contact Daniela Dover (dover@law.ucla.edu) if they wish to cross enroll and may be eligible for core course credit for the law and philosophy specialization.