Faculty Profiles

David Dolinko

David Dolinko

Professor of Law Emeritus
A.B. Columbia, 1969
J.D. UCLA, 1980
Ph.D. Philosophy, UCLA, 1982
UCLA Faculty Since 1982

David Dolinko has taught Criminal Law and Constitutional Criminal Procedure, as well as various seminars on such topics as the status of moral rights, problems of legal ethics, the nature of punishment, and the morality of capital punishment. In 1998 he received the School of Law's Rutter Award for Excellence in Teaching.

While a graduate student in philosophy at UCLA, Professor Dolinko taught courses in logic at UCLA and California State University, Los Angeles. During law school he was editor-in-chief of the UCLA Law Review. After serving as law clerk to Judge Harry Pregerson of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, he completed his doctorate in philosophy. Professor Dolinko enjoys music of all kinds and has a large and varied CD collection. Equally large and varied is his collection of (inanimate) ducks and geese.

Professor Dolinko has written on the death penalty, the philosophy of punishment, sentencing guidelines, and the privilege against self-incrimination.