Faculty Profiles

David Marcus

David Marcus

Professor of Law
B.A. Harvard University, 1998
J.D. Yale Law School, 2002
UCLA Faculty since 2018


Pretrial (with Thomas Mauet). 10th ed. Wolters Kluwer Law & Business (2019).

Articles, Chapters and Studies

Class Actions, Jurisdiction, and Principle in Doctrinal Design (with Will Ostrander), 2019 B.Y.U. Law Review __ (forthcoming).
Due Process and Mass Adjudication: Crisis and Reform (with David Ames, Cassandra Handan-Nader, and Daniel Ho), 72 Stanford Law Review 1 (2020).
Quality Review of Mass Adjudication: A Randomized Natural Experiment at the Board of Veterans Appeals, 2003-16 (with Daniel Ho, David Ames, and Cassandra Handan-Nader), 35 Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 239 (2019).
Rethinking Judicial Review of High Volume Agency Adjudication (with Jonah Gelbach), 96 Texas Law Review 1097 (2018). Full Text
The History of the Modern Class Action, Part II: Litigation and Legitimacy, 1981-1994, 86 Fordham Law Review 1785 (2018). Full Text
The Short Life and Long Afterlife of the Mass Tort Class Action, 165 Pennsylvania Law Review (2017).
A Study of Social Security Litigation in the Federal Courts, Final Report to the Administrative Conference of the United States (July 2016). Full Text
The Public Interest Class Action, 104 Georgetown Law Journal 777 (2016). Full Text
Trans-Substantivity and the Processes of American Law, 2013 BYU Law Review 1191 (2014). Full Text
The History of the Modern Class Action, Part I: Sturm und drang, 1953-1980, 90 Washington Univ. Law Review 587 (2013). Full Text
Institutions and an Interpretive Methodology for the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 2011 Utah Law Review 927 (2011). Full Text
Flawed but Noble: Desegregation Litigation and its Implications for the Modern Class Action, 63 Florida Law Review (2011). Full Text
The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Legal Realism as a Jurisprudence of Law Reform, 44 Georgia Law Review 2010 (2010). Full Text
Some Realism About Mass Torts, 75 Univ. of Chicago Law Review 1949 (2008). Full Text
The Perils of Contract Procedure: A Revised History of Forum Selection Clauses in the Federal Courts, 82 Tulane Law Review 973 (2008).
The Erie Doctrine, the Class Action Fairness Act, and Some Federalism Implications of Diversity Jurisdiction, 48 William & Mary Law Review 1247 (2007).
The Normative Development of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Through Adjudication in Supranational Tribunals, 42 Stanford Journal of International Law 53 (2006).
Famine Crimes in International Law, 97 American Journal of International Law 245 (2003).

Symposia, Contributions and Shorter Works

Article III, Remedies, and Representation (with Andrew Coan), 9 ConLawNOW 97 (2018). Full Text
Social Security Disability Litigation in the Federal Courts (with Jonah Gelbach), 101 Judicature 64 (2017).
Two Models of the Civil Litigant, 64 DePaul Law Review 537 (2015).
Finding the Civil Trial’s Democratic Future After its Demise, 15 Nevada Law Journal 1523 (2015). Full Text
From “Cases” to “Litigation” to “Contract”: A Comment on Procedural Durability, 56 St. Louis Univ. Law Journal 1231 (2012).
Attorneys’ Fees and the Social Legitimacy of Class Actions, 159 Univ. of Pennsylvania Law Review Pennumbra 155 (2011).
The Past, Present, and Future of Trans-Substantivity in Federal Civil Procedure, 59 DePaul Law Review 371 (2010). Full Text
Making Adequacy More Adequate, 88 Texas Law Review See Also 137 (2010).