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David Marcus

David Marcus

Professor of Law
B.A. Harvard University, 1998
J.D. Yale Law School, 2002
UCLA Faculty since 2018

LAW 165 - An Introduction to Modern American Legal Thought

An Introduction to Modern American Legal Thought will provide students with an historical overview of the development of American jurisprudence. Students will learn jurisprudential basics, to enable them to recognize particular theories’ influences in doctrine and scholarship. The course will also place major currents in American legal thought in historical context by linking developments in legal theory to larger social, political, and economic trends. The course will cover topics chronologically and include the following:
 Classical Legal Science and Laissez Faire Ideology in Nineteenth Century Legal Thought;
 Holmes, Brandeis, and the Beginnings of Modern American Legal Theory;
 The Legal Realist Revolution of the 1930s;
 Legal Process and the Postwar Consensus;
 Dissent and the Critical Turn in Legal Thought; and
 Jurisprudential Underpinnings of the Conservative Legal Movement.