Faculty Profiles

Guy Scoffoni

Guy Scoffoni

Visiting Professor
B.A. Lauréat de l’Institut, 1976
LL.M. in Law, University of Marseille, 1976
LL.M. in Political Science, University of Marseille, 1978
Ph.D. University of Paris, 1986

Guy Scoffoni, a renowned expert in comparative constitutional law, received his education in France, studying law at the University of Marseille (1976) and completing his doctorate at the University of Paris.  Presently, he is Professor of Law at the University of Aix-en-Provence. He served as Acting Dean of the law faculty at the University of Avignon (1994-95). He is a review analyst and on the editorial board of the Revue Francaise de Droit Constitutionnel (French Constitutional Law Review), a member of the Organization of European Programs, and serves on the national and local selection committees for the Civil Service.

Scoffoni has visited and taught at many international institutions of higher learning, including Brighton University (England), University of Oslo (Norway), University of Hong Kong, University of Bologna (Italy) and University of Chuo, Tokyo. His teaching background includes Constitutional Law, European Law, Comparative European Legal Systems, Fundamental Rights, and Environmental Law.