Faculty Profiles

Guy Scoffoni

Guy Scoffoni

Visiting Professor
B.A. Lauréat de l’Institut, 1976
LL.M. in Law, University of Marseille, 1976
LL.M. in Political Science, University of Marseille, 1978
Ph.D. University of Paris, 1986

LAW 277 - Comparative Constitutional Law

This course will focus on the comparative study of the structure and content of constitutional law in both older and newer democracies around the world.  After initial discussion of the concept of constitutionalism, in liberal and illiberal contexts, we will spend the first half of the semester on certain selected topics in comparative constitutional design and structure, including processes and contexts of constitution-making, variations in the institutions and practices of judicial review, constitutional amendments, executive-legislative relations, the differing forms and goals of federalism, how and to what extent private actors may be bound by constitutional norms, and limits on constitutional rights.  In the second half of the semester, we will study various substantive constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion, socio-economic rights, privacy rights, and differing conceptions of equality.  Examination.