Faculty Profiles

Hiroshi Motomura

Hiroshi Motomura

Susan Westerberg Prager Distinguished Professor of Law
B.A. Yale, 1974
J.D. UC Berkeley, 1978
UCLA Faculty Since 2007

LAW 332 - Immigrants' Rights

This course examines the rights (and responsibilities) of noncitizens.  Put differently, this course analyzes why and how immigration or citizenship status matters in the life of an individual, family, or community.  (In contrast, the Immigration Law course, Law 331, considers the acquisition and loss of immigration and citizenship status.)  In this two-credit version, course coverage will be selective.  Priority topics include the state and local role in immigration (including sanctuary laws and state and local enforcement), and educational access (including undocumented access to K-12 and higher education and DACA).  We may also devote time to public benefits (including “public charge” rules), and to noncitizens in politics (including noncitizen voting and inclusion in legislative reapportionment).  Overall, the course explores the citizen/noncitizen distinction and what it means to be "foreign." 

Law 331 (Immigration Law) is not a prerequisite; the two courses complement each other with minimal overlap.