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Jennifer Mnookin

Jennifer L. Mnookin

Dean, David G. Price and Dallas P. Price Professor of Law, and Faculty Co-Director, PULSE @ UCLA Law (Program on Understanding Law, Science & Evidence)
A.B. Harvard, 1988
J.D. Yale, 1995
Ph.D. History and Social Study of Science and Technology, M.I.T., 1999
UCLA Faculty Since 2005

LAW 211 - Evidence

This course will examine the doctrines, rules and policies governing the demonstration of facts in court. We will focus on the Federal Rules of Evidence (and to a certain limited extent, the California Evidence Code), with special attention paid to the determination of relevance, the concept of prejudice, the rule against hearsay and its numerous exceptions, character evidence, impeachment, and problems of expert evidence. In addition, this course will investigate the assumptions about truth underlying evidentiary rules, and the relations between the rules of evidence and non-legal approaches for evaluating facts. We will look in particular at (1) psychological insights about juror reasoning processes, (2) philosophical claims about what should or should not count as legitimate evidence, and (3) the role that presentation and rhetoric play in the process of persuading people to believe. We shall, therefore, blend practical mastery of evidence doctrine with a broader examination of what counts as legal proof and what should so count.  In addition to the final exam, students will be expected to complete several short assignments during the semester using technology (e.g., powerpoint, podcasting, etc) to explore key concepts in evidence.