Faculty Profiles

Joanna Schwartz

Joanna C. Schwartz

Professor of Law
B.A. Brown University, 1994
J.D. Yale, 2000
UCLA Faculty Since 2006


Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; With Selected Statutes and Cases (with Stephen Yeazell). Wolters Kluwer/Aspen Law & Business (2019).
Civil Procedure (with Stephen Yeazell). 10th ed. Wolters Kluwer/Aspen Law & Business (2018).

Articles and Chapters

Civil Rights Ecosystems, 114 Michigan Law Review (forthcoming 2020). Full Text
Qualified Immunity's Selection Effects, 114 Northwestern University Law Review (forthcoming 2020). Full Text
After Qualified Immunity, 120 Columbia Law Review (forthcoming 2020). Full Text
The Myth of Personal Liability: Who Pays When Bivens Claims Succeed (with James E. Pfander and Alex Reinert), 72 Stanford Law Review (forthcoming 2020). Full Text
Systems Failures in Policing, 51 Suffolk University Law Review 535 (2018). Full Text
The Case Against Qualified Immunity, 93 Notre Dame Law Review 1797 (2018). Full Text
Lexipol: The Privatization of Police Policymaking (with Ingrid V. Eagly), 96 Texas Law Review 891 (2018). Full Text
How Qualified Immunity Fails, 127 Yale Law Journal 2 (2017). Full Text
The Cost of Suing Business, 65 DePaul Law Review 655 (2016). (Clifford Symposium) Full Text
Who Can Police the Police?, 2016 Univ. of Chicago Legal Forum 437 (2016). Full Text
How Governments Pay: Lawsuits, Budgets, and Police Reform, 63 UCLA Law Review 1144 (2016). Full text
Introspection through Litigation, 90 Notre Dame Law Review 1055 (2015). Full Text
Police Indemnification, 89 New York University Law Review 885 (2014). Full Text
A Dose of Reality for Medical Malpractice Reform, 88 New York University Law Review 1224 (2013). Full Text
Gateways and Pathways in Civil Procedure, 60 UCLA Law Review 1652 (2013). Full Text
What Police Learn from Lawsuits, 33 Cardozo Law Review 841 (2012). Full Text
Myths and Mechanics of Deterrence: The Role of Lawsuits in Law Enforcement Decisionmaking, 57 UCLA Law Review 1023 (2010). Full Text


Blind Justice, Lady Liberty, and the War on Terror, Balkinization Blog (May 18, 2017). (For the symposium on James Pfander, Constitutional Torts and the War on Terror.)
Police Unfazed by Legal Liability, Daily Journal (March 24, 2015). Guest Column.
The Cost of Suing Business, The CLS Blue Sky Blog (May 12, 2015).
Learning From Litigation, New York Times (May 16, 2013). Op-Ed.
Watching the Detectives, New York Times (June 15, 2011). Op-Ed.