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John Hilson

John F. Hilson

Adjunct Faculty
B.A. Boston University, 1973
J.D. University of Colorado, 1976

LAW 745 - Acquisition Financing Transactions

From the client's initial call requesting a confidentiality agreement and term sheet, through the due diligence process and the preparation and negotiation of a commitment letter, up to the documentation and final steps required to close the financing, this course will provide an overview of modern financing transactions, focusing on leveraged buyout transactions. The goal will be to provide the student with insight relative to the experience of a new lawyer in a law firm who is assigned to an acquisition financing transaction and enable the student to become familiar with the structure, analysis, negotiation, and documentation of such financings. Students will negotiate a non-disclosure agreement, will analyze the enforceability of a letter of intent, will prepare a due diligence memorandum, and will prepare a commitment letter relative to the proposed financing after receiving input from the client and opposing counsel.

There will be no final examination. The final grade will be based upon the student's written work and his or her class participation.  Law 250- Secured Transactions would be helpful, but is not required.

This course was previously numbered 445.