Judith Gordon

Lecturer in Law

  • B.A. Wayne State University, 1976
  • J.D. Wayne State University, 1981

Judith Gordon teaches The Law and Your Life: Aligning Your Personal Values with the Practice of Law/Fundamentals of Professional Development. This course was developed to diminish the high rates of attrition from practice, as well as increase practice engagement and fulfillment.

Gordon is the founder and principal of LeaderEsQ, LLC, a coaching and training firm focused on the legal profession, and the Center for Thriving in Law. CFTIL is a digital platform providing attorneys and law students with tools and strategies for high-performance, resilience, emotional intelligence, and other essential practice skills, in succinct learning modules, so that they thrive in the practice of law. Judith's teaching and facilitation style incorporates engagement, experience and storytelling to maximize learning and retention. Her signature program, "The Thriving Lawyer: A Burnout-Free Approach to High-Performance," is designed for law firms and presented in five modules that prepare lawyers to engage optimally with the demands and challenges of the profession. Judith is also creator of The Human Design Project, an approach to work that aligns work practices in our technology-driven era with human design, for greater productivity, performance, energy and enjoyment.

Judith writes and presents regularly on issues of attorney professional development and building a sustainable career in the legal profession. She has appeared on The Partner Podcast, written on "Steps to Building a Sustainable Career" for Law Practice Today and on "Emotional Intelligence for Lawyers" for Law360.  For a complete list of her articles, podcast guest appearances, and presentations, please visit www.leaderesq.net.

For nearly a decade, Gordon was Director of Marketing and Professional Development at Buchalter Nemer, PC. While there, she developed an internal mentoring program that trained attorneys in fundamental business and professional development skills.

Gordon was Associate Director of Communications at the Milken Institute, an economic think tank in Santa Monica, where she co-authored Economic Prosperity, Women and Access to Credit: Best Practices in the Financial Markets (2000), a Special Report commissioned by the National Women’s Business Council, the Advisory Panel to the U.S. President and Congress on economic issues important to women business owners.

Gordon practiced law in New York prior to her segue into attorney professional development. She earned her B.A. in Biology at Wayne State University, and her J.D. from Wayne State University Law School.