Faculty Profiles

Kenneth Klee

Kenneth N. Klee

Professor of Law Emeritus
A.B. Stanford, 1971
J.D. Harvard, 1974
UCLA Faculty Since 1979

LAW 561A/B - Perspectives on Law and Lawyering

This Seminar in the Perspectives on Lawyering series examines how lawyers interact with clients (both individual and institutional), other lawyers within and outside their own firms), government officials, the judiciary, and their own families in light of their professional, social and personal responsibilities in the course of representing clients in high stakes business transactions and business litigations.  The sessions will be informal and take place in Mr. Klee's Brentwood home.  Session One will kick us off with a discussion based on Elmer Rice's Counsellor at Law in which a fictitious small firm practitioner in 1930s New York City balances the strains and ethical dilemmas of the practice of law.  Session Two will focus on the story of John Gellene, a junior partner at Milbank, Tweed , Hadley & McCloy and bankruptcy counsel for Bucyrus-Erie, who was convicted of a bankruptcy crime based on failure to disclose material conflicts of interest in connection with that case.  Mr. Klee represented Milbank in dealing with the consequences of Mr. Gellene's actions, both in an internal firm investigation and in the Madison Wisconsin Bankruptcy Court.  Session Three will focus on the competing perspectives of the plaintiff's tort bar and the chapter 11 bankruptcy bar in the context of mass-tort reorganizations.  The case study will be the AH Robins (Dalkon Shield) case.  Session Four will focus on the development of modern big-firm practice and may include a cinematic or fictional component juxtaposed with a more standard case study of a large firm in action.  Session Five will focus on the Texaco-Pennzoil drama involving a major M&A transaction, the largest civil judgment in US history, a major Supreme Court decision, and one of the very largest chapter 11 cases ever, that of Texaco Inc.  Mr. Klee also played a significant personal role in this matter as bankruptcy counsel for Pennzoil.