Faculty Profiles

Pavel Wonsowicz

Pavel Wonsowicz

Lecturer in Law
Director, Academic Support Program
B.A. Yale, 1988
J.D. Boston University, 1992
UCLA Law faculty since 2008

LAW 211 - Evidence

This course examines the law of proof and focuses on the Federal Rules of Evidence. The language, purpose, and policies underlying the evidence rules are stressed throughout in order to make the rules meaningful, predictable, and functional. In addition to covering the substantive rules of evidence, this course will explore the use of the rules of evidence as a tactical device to develop the narrative of a case and to disrupt the opponent’s narrative. Accordingly, the theme of this course is pragmatic, with a problem-based emphasis. The rules of evidence will be examined from an advocate’s perspective in order to develop students’ knowledge of what facts matter and how those facts can be proven.