Faculty Profiles

Richard Sander

Richard H. Sander

Professor of Law
B.A. Harvard, 1978
M.A. Economics, Northwestern, 1985
J.D. Northwestern, 1988
Ph.D. Economics, Northwestern, 1990
UCLA Faculty Since 1989


Mismatch: How Affirmative Action Hurts Students It’s Intended to Help, and Why Universities Won’t Admit It (with Stuart Taylor, Jr.). Basic Books (2012).

Articles and Chapters

Mismatch and Bar Passage: A School-Specific Analysis, UCLA School of Law, Public Law & Legal Theory Research Paper Series No. 17-40 (Oct. 2017). Full Text
The Second Way: A Comment on Hawkins and a Cautionary Note, 17 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 911 (2015). Full Text
A Conversation on the Nature, Effects, and Future of Affirmative Action in Higher Education Admissions (with Peter Arcidiacono, Thomas Espenshade, and Stacy Hawkins), 17 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 683 (2015). Full Text
Thinking Hard About "Race-Neutral" Admissions (with Aaron Danielson), 47 University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 967 (2014). Full Text
Mismatch and the Empirical Scholars Brief, 48 Valparaiso University Law Review 555 (2014). Full Text
The Stylized Critique of Mismatch, 92 Texas Law Review 1637 (2014). Full Text
Affirmative Action Bans and the "Chilling Effect" (with Kate L. Antonovics), 15 American Law & Economics Review 252 (2013).
The Secret of My Success: How Status, Eliteness, and School Performance Shape Legal Careers (with Jane Bambauer), 2012 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 893-930 (2012).
Why Strict Scrutiny Requires Transparency: The Practical Effects of Bakke, Gratz, and Grutter, Chapter 15 in New Directions in Judicial Politics (edited by Kevin T. McGuire, Taylor & Francis, 2012). Full Text
The Racial Paradox of the Corporate Law Firm, 84 North Carolina Law Review 1755-1822 (2006). Full Text
Mismeasuring the Mismatch: A Response to Ho, 114 Yale Law Journal 2005 (2005). Response to article by Daniel E. Ho in this issue, p. 1997.
A Reply to Critics, 57 Stanford Law Review 163 (2005). Response to articles by Ian Ayres and others in this issue, p. 1807, 1855, 1899, 1915.
Santa Monica’s Minimum Wage: Assessing the Living Wage Movement’s New Frontier (with E. Douglass Williams), Economic Development Quarterly (2004).
A Systemic Analysis of Affirmative Action in American Law Schools, 57 Stanford Law Review 367-483 (2004).
After the JD: First Results of a National Study of Legal Careers (with Ronit Dinovitzer, Bryant Garth, Joyce Sterling and Gita Wilder), NALP Foundation and the American Bar Foundation (2004).
The Happy Charade: An Empirical Examination of the Third Year of Law School (with G. Mitu Gulati and Bob Sockloskie), 51 Journal of Legal Education 235-66 (2001). Reprinted (with extended footnotes) as Chapter 4 in NYU Selected Essays on Labor and Employment Law, Vol. 2 (edited by Sherwyn & Yelnosky, Kluwer Law International, 2003).
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Experimenting with Class-Based Affirmative Action, 47 Journal of Legal Education 472-503 (1997). Full Text
An Empirical Analysis of the Proposed Los Angeles Living Wage Ordinance (with E. Douglass Williams). Commissioned and published by the City of Los Angeles (January 1997).
Fair Housing in Los Angeles County: An Assessment of Progress and Challenges, 1970-1995. Commissioned by the City and County of Los Angeles (1996).
The Art and Science of Academic Support (with Kristine S. Knaplund), 45 Journal of Legal Education 157-234 (1995).
The “Infusion” Method at UCLA: Teaching Ethics Pervasively (with Carrie Menkel-Meadow), 58 Law & Contemporary Problems 129-38 (1995).
The Prospects for “Putting America to Work” in the Inner City (with E. Douglass Williams), 81 Georgetown Law Journal 2003-72 (1993).
Why Are There so Many Lawyers? Perspectives on a Turbulent Market (with E. Douglass Williams), 14 Law & Social Inquiry 431-79 (1989).
Evaluation of the Illinois Neighborhood Development Corporation. Woodstock Institute (1982).
Individual Rights and Demographic Realities: The Problem of Fair Housing, 82 Northwestern University Law Review 874-939 (1988).


Admissions Practices at Public Universities, A Draft Report (September 10, 2015). Full Text


Black Pioneers, Intermetropolitan Movers, and Housing Desegregation (with Yana Kucheva). Full Text