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Russell Korobkin

Russell Korobkin

Vice Dean for Academic and Institutional Affairs and Richard C. Maxwell Professor of Law
B.A. Stanford, 1989
J.D. Stanford, 1994
UCLA Faculty Since 2000

LAW 785 - Introduction to Negotiation

This intensive, 1-unit course, offered over a weekend, is designed for LLM students interested in learning negotiation principles who were not able to enroll in the 3-unit, “Negotiation Theory and Practice” course offered during the J-term. The course will focus on the underlying structure of negotiation interactions.  Each half-day sessions will include lecture, experiential simulations, and class discussion.  

The course is open to any registered LLM student who is not taking Negotiation Theory and Practice during the J-term.  The course will meet for three consecutive days: Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday and will be graded on a pass/fail basis.  Because of the condensed schedule, students will be expected to complete all of the readings prior to the beginning of class meetings. To pass, students must attend all sessions of the course in their entirety, and be prepared for and vigorously participate in all negotiation simulations.