Faculty Profiles

Scott Cummings

Scott L. Cummings

Robert Henigson Professor of Legal Ethics
Professor of Law
B.A. University of California, Berkeley, 1992
J.D. Harvard, 1996
UCLA Faculty Since 2002


Legal Ethics 6th ed. (edited by Scott Cummings, Deborah L. Rhode and David Luban). Foundation Press (2012).
Public Interest Lawyering: A Contemporary Perspective (with Alan K. Chen). Wolters Kluwer (2012).
The Paradox of Professionalism: Lawyers and the Possibility of Justice (edited by Scott Cummings). Cambridge University Press (2011).

Articles and Chapters

Preemptive Strike: Law in the Campaign for Clean Trucks, 4 UC Irvine Law Review 939 (2015).
Mobilizing Law for Justice in Asia: A Comparative Approach (with Frank W. Munger and Louise G. Trubek), 31(3) Wisconsin International Law Journal 353 (2014). Full Text
How Lawyers Manage Intragroup Dissent, 89 Chicago-Kent Law Review 547 (2014).
Empirical Studies of Law and Social Change: What Is the Field? What Are the Questions?, 2013 Wisconsin Law Review 171 (2013). Full Text
Beyond the Numbers: What We Know—and Should Know—About American Pro Bono (with Rebecca L. Sandefur), 7 Harvard Law & Policy Review 83 (2013). Full Text
Community Benefits Agreements (with Benjamin S. Beach), in Community Economic Development Law: A Text For Engaged Learning (edited by Susan Bennet, Brenda Bratton Blom, Louise Howells & Deborah Kenn, Carolina Academic Press, 2012).
Review Essay, 61 Journal of Legal Education 711 (2012). Reviewing Stones of Hope: How African Activists Reclaim Human Rights to Challenge Global Poverty, edited by Lucie E. White & Jeremy Perleman, Stanford Univ. Press 2011.
Privatizing Public Interest Law, 25 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 1 (2012). Full Text
The Accountability Problem in Public Interest Practice: Old Paradigms and New Directions, in Lawyers In Practice: Ethical Decision Making In Context (edited by Lynn Mather & Leslie Levin, University of Chicago Press, 2012).
The Pursuit of Legal Rights—and Beyond, 56 UCLA Law Review 506 (2012). Full Text
The Future of Public Interest Law, 33 University of Arkansas Little Rock Law Journal 355 (2011). Invited Lecture at University at Arkansas Little Rock Bowen School of Law, Altheimer Symposium, Reframing Public Service Law: Innovative Approaches to Integrating Public Service into the Legal Profession.
Full Text
Litigation at Work: Defending Day Labor in Los Angeles, 58 UCLA Law Review 1617 (2011). Full Text
Labor Activism in Local Politics: From CBAS to "CBAS" and Beyond (with Katherine Stone), in The Idea of Labour Law (edited by Guy Davidov & Brian Languille, Oxford University Press, 2011). Full Text
What Good Are Lawyers?, in The Paradox Of Professionalism: Lawyers and the Possibility of Justice (edited by Scott L. Cummings, Cambridge University Press, 2011). Full Text
Lawyering for Marriage Equality (with Doug NeJaime), 57 UCLA Law Review 1235 (2010). Edited version published in 7 UCLA Scholarly Perspectives 5 (2011); excerpted in Legal Ethics (6th ed., edited by Deborah L. Rhode, David Luban & Scott L. Cummings, 2012); and excerpted in Public Interest Lawyering: A Contemporary Perspective (edited by Alan K. Chen & Scott L. Cummings, Wolters Kluwer, 2012). Full Text
Managing Pro Bono: Doing Well by Doing Better (with Deborah L. Rhode), 78 Fordham Law Review 2359 (2010). Full Text
Mobilizing Local Government Law for Low-Wage Workers (with Steven A. Boutcher), 2009 Univ. Of Chicago Legal Forum 187 (2009). Full Text
Hemmed In: Legal Mobilization in the Los Angeles Anti-Sweatshop Movement, Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law 101 (2009). Full Text
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Public Interest Litigation: Insights from Theory and Practice, 36 Fordham Urban Law Journal 603 (2009). Full Text
Globalizing Public Interest Law (with Louise G. Trubek), 13 UCLA Journal of International Law & Foreign Affairs 1-53 (2009). Revised Version reprinted at 9 International Review of Constitutionalism 1 (2009). Special Issue: Law, Poverty and Economic Inequality (Penelope Andrews & Frank Munger eds., 2010). Excerpted in Public Interest Lawyering: A Contemporary Perspective (edited by Alan K. Chen & Scott L. Cummings, Wolters Kluwer, 2012). Full Text
The Internationalization of Public Interest Law, 57 Duke Law Journal 891 (2008). Excerpted in Public Interest Lawyering: A Contemporary Perspective (edited by Alan K. Chen & Scott L. Cummings, Wolters Kluwer, 2012). Full Text
Law in the Labor Movement’s Challenge to Wal-Mart: A Case Study of the Inglewood Site Fight, 95 California Law Rreview 1927 (2007). Excerpted in Labor Law in the Contemporary Workplace (edited by Martin Malin, Roberto Corrada, Christopher Cameron & Catherine Fisk, West Publishing 2009). Full Text
Critical Legal Consciousness in Action, 120(39) Harvard Law Review forum 62 (2007). Reply to Orly Lobel, "The Paradox of Extralegal Activism: Critical Legal Consciousness and Transformative Politics," 120 Harvard Law Review 937 (2007). Full Text
Global-Local Linkages in the Community Economic Development Field, in Progressive Lawyering, Globalization and Markets: Rethinking Ideology and Strategy (edited by Clare Dalton, William S. Hein & Co, 2007). Full Text
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Review Essay, After Public Interest Law (with Ingrid V. Eagly), 100 Northwestern University Law Review 1251 (2006).  Reviewing Suburban Sweatshops: The Fight for Immigrant Rights, by Jennifer Gordon. Full Text
The Federal Role in Community Economic Development (with Benjamin S. Beach), 40 Clearinghouse Review 89 (2006).
The Politics of Pro Bono, UCLA Law Review 1 (2004). Excerpted in Problems in Professional Responsibility (edited by Andrew L. Kaufman & David Wilkins, 5th ed. 2009); and excerpted in Contemporary Civil Litigation (edited by Steven Yeazell, 2009). Full Text
Recentralization: Community Development and the Case for Regionalism, 8 Journal of Small & Emerging Business Law 131 (2004). Symposium: Perspectives on Community Economic Development.
Between Markets and Politics: A Response to Porter’s Competitive Advantage Thesis, 82 Oregon Law Review 901 (2004).
Toward a New Theory of Community Economic Development (with Gregory Volz), 37 Clearinghouse Review 158 (2003). Special Issue: Economic Development Strategies for Individuals and Communities.
Community Economic Development as Progressive Politics: Toward a Grassroots Movement for Economic Justice, 54 Stanford Law Review 399 (2001). Reprinted in The International Library of Essays in Law and Society: Law and Poverty (edited by Frank Munger, Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2006). Full Text
A Critical Reflection on Law and Organizing (with Ingrid V. Eagly), 48 UCLA Law Review 443-517 (2001). Excerpted in Social Justice: Professionals, Communities and Law (edited by Martha R. Mahoney, John O. Calmore, Stephanie M. Wildman, 2003). Full Text
Developing Cooperatives as a Job Creation Strategy for Low Income Workers, 25 NYU Review of Law and Social Change 181 (1999).
The Politics of Helping: Reflections on Identity, Ethics, and Defending the Poor, 6 Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law & Policy 43 (1999).
Affirmative Action and the Rhetoric of Individual Rights: Reclaiming Liberalism as a “Color Conscious” Theory, 13 Harvard Blackletter Law Journal 183 (1997).

Commentaries, Editorials, and Briefs

Pro Bono: Quantity over Quality? (with Deborah Rhode), National Law Journal (July 17, 2010).
Deferral Economics (with Deborah Rhode), The American Lawyer at 45 (July/August 2010).
Doing Well by Doing Better (with Deborah L. Rhode), Supplement to the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal: Navigating Change In Pro Bono at 14 (Nov. 4, 2009).
Commentary, A Pragmatic Approach to Law and Organizing: A Comment on the Story of South Ardmore, 42 John Marshall Law Review 631 (2009).
A Tribute to Judge James Moran, The Circuit Rider 13 (Nov. 2009).
Editors Note, The Emergence of Community Benefits Agreements, Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law (2007).
Counsel of Record, Brief of Amici Curiae Economics and Public Policy Professors in Support of Respondents, Daimler-Chrysler Corp. v. Cuno,Supreme Court Nos. 04-1704, 04-1724.
Access to Justice in the New Millennium: Achieving the Promise of Pro Bono, Human Rights (2005). A Revised Excerpt from “The Politics of Pro Bono,” 52 UCLA Law Review 1 (2004).
Commentary, Clinical Legal Education and Community Development, 13 Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law 208 (205).
The Trickle After the Flood, Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law 12 (2005).
Lawyers, Unite (with Ingrid V. Eagly), Legal Affairs at 63 (2005). Reviewing Suburban Sweatshops: The Fight for Immigrant Rights, by Jennifer Gordon. Full Text
Commentary, Community Economic Development and the Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education, Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law 443 (2004).
Commentary, The New Politics of Poverty, 13 Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law 159 (2004).
Commentary, The Paradox of Community: A View from the Prismatic Metropolis, 8 Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law 8-17 (2003).
Commentary, Legal Pedagogy and Economic Justice, 17(3) Management Information Exchange 48 (Summer 2003).
Election Is Opportunity to Change City's Economic Policies, Los Angeles Daily Journal (June 4, 2001).
Events Highlight Need for Campaign Finance Reform, Los Angeles Daily Journal (March 26, 2001).

Accepted|Works in Progress

Poverty Law (with Jeff Selbin), in International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences (edited by James Wright, forthcoming).
Transporting Standards: Law in the Campaign for Clean and Safe Ports, UC Irvine Law Review (forthcoming).
Reframing the Role of Law in the Field of Social Action.