Faculty Profiles

Scott Cummings

Scott L. Cummings

Robert Henigson Professor of Legal Ethics
Professor of Law
B.A. University of California, Berkeley, 1992
J.D. Harvard, 1996
UCLA Faculty Since 2002

LAW 541 - Problem Solving in the Public Interest

This seminar is a required course for the David J. Epstein Program in Public Interest Law and Policy and enrollment is limited to Epstein Program students. Building on the First Year Epstein Program Workshop and the summer internship experience, the seminar focuses on public interest lawyering through a close analysis of case studies and the discussion of recurring issues in public interest practice. Our method is to examine the case studies from a number of different perspectives, highlighting the many different ways of approaching problems of the sort public interest lawyers and policy analyst confront. The seminar covers questions of how public interest problems come to be framed; how clients, lawyers and their allies think about problem-solving strategies; and how public interest lawyers use different modes of advocacy to address problems. There will be two sections of the seminar and students will indicate their preference when enrolling. Professor Cummings's section will focus on the problem of poverty and low-wage work in urban areas. Professor Schwartz's section will focus on the problem of police misconduct and accountability. Both sections will meet jointly for some of the class sessions.