Faculty Profiles

Sean Hecht

Sean B. Hecht

Co-Executive Director, Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment
Evan Frankel Professor of Policy and Practice
Co-Director, UCLA Law Environmental Law Clinic
B.A. Yale, 1988
J.D. University of Michigan, 1995
UCLA Faculty Since 2003

Articles and Chapters

Presidents Lack the Authority to Abolish or Diminish National Monuments (with Mark Stephen Squillace, Eric Biber, and Nicholas S. Bryner), 103 Virginia Law Review Online 55 (2017). Full Text
Insurance, in Encyclopedia of Environmental Law: Climate Law (Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2016).
Taking Background Principles Seriously in the Context of Sea-Level Rise, Vermont Law Review 781 (2015). Full Text
Food Sustainability, CAFO Litigation, and Public Sentiment: The Role of Lawsuits in Today's Food Movement, 5 Food & Drug Policy Forum 10 (2015). Full Text
Local Governments Feel the Heat: Principles for Local Government Adaptation to the Impacts of Climate Change, 47 John Marshall Law Review 635 (2013). Invited symposium contribution.
Combatting Sea-Level Rise in Southern California: How Local Governments Can Seize Adaptation Opportunities While Minimizing Legal Risk (with Megan M. Herzog), 19 Hastings West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law & Policy 463 (2013). Full Text
Insurance, in The Law of Adaptation to Climate Change (edited by Michael B. Gerrard and Katrina Fischer Kuh, American Bar Association, 2012). Full Text
Climate Change and the Transformation of Risk: Insurance Matters, 55 UCLA Law Review 1559 (2008). Full Text
Limiting Liability in the Greenhouse: Insurance Risk-Management Strategies in the Context of Global Climate Change (with C. Ross and E. Mills), 43A Stanford Journal of International Law 251 (2007). Reprinted in 26A Stanford Environmental Law Journal 251 (2007). Full Text
Environmental Law Teachers’ Perspectives on Preparing New Lawyers for Practice (with A. Amos and J. Weis), Conference Proceedings, ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources, 36th Annual Conference on Environmental Law 289 (2007).
Paths of Resistance and the Limits of Hegemony, 1 Yale Graduate Journal of Anthropology 92 (1988).

Other Articles and Policy Papers

The California REDD+ Experience: The Ongoing Political History of California’s Initiative to Include Jurisdictional REDD+ Offsets within Its Cap-and-Trade System (with Jesse Lueders, Cara Horowitz, Ann Carlson, and Edward A. Parson), Center for Global Development Working Paper 386 (Nov. 2014). Full Text
Vision 2021 LA: A Model Environmental Sustainability Agenda for Los Angeles’ Next Mayor and City Council (with Cara Horowitz, Mark Gold, Megan Herzog, Katie Mika, and Xiao Zhang), UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (Dec. 2012). Full Text
Spending California’s Cap-and-Trade Revenue: Understanding the Sinclair Paint Risk Spectrum (with Cara Horowitz, M. Rhead Enion & Ann Carlson), Emmett Institute on Climate Change & the Environment (March 2012). Full Text
An Environmental Blueprint for California: How Governor Brown can Ensure the State’s Environmental Health and Cconomic Prosperity (with Cara Horowitz and M. Rhead Enion), Emmett Center on Climate Change and the Environment (January 2011). Full Text
California's New Rigs-to-Reefs Law, in Southern California Environmental Report Card 2010 (UCLA Institute of the Environment, November 2010). Full Text
Paying for Pollution: Proposition 26 and its Potential Impacts on State Environmental and Public Health Protections in California (October 26, 2010). Full Text
Proposed Law on Land Sell-Off Benefits Speculators, Not Public, Daily Journal (Nov 28, 2005).
Stormwater Regulation, Southern California Environmental Report Card 2004, UCLA Institute of the Environment (October 2004). Full Text


National monuments: Presidents can create them, but only Congress can undo them (with Nicholas Bryner, Eric Biber, and Mark Squillace), The Conversation (April 2017). Full Text
It's No Time to Drop Ball on Environment (with M. Rhead Enion), Sacramento Bee (Jan. 20, 2011).
Bill Calls for Citizen Enforcement of Environmental Laws, Daily Journal (June 3, 2005).
Forest Restoration Bill Addresses a Non-Problem, Sacramento Bee (June 5, 2003).