Faculty Profiles

Sharon Dolovich

Sharon Dolovich

Professor of Law
Faculty Director, UCLA Prison Law & Policy Program
B.A. Queen's University
Ph.D. Cambridge University
J.D. Harvard Law School
UCLA Faculty Since 2000

LAW 561A/B - Perspectives on Law and Lawyering

Whether one is a prosecutor or a criminal defense attorney, the practice of criminal law raises a number of difficult moral issues. In this seminar, we will address several of these issues. Two sessions will deal with prosecutors, one session with criminal defense lawyers, and another with a variety of ethical conundrums that arise in criminal practice generally. The final session will cover a topic that rarely gets considered in the law school context: the ethical issues arising for government lawyers defending prisoner suits. Discussions of criminal justice ethics are often abstracted from the realities of the criminal justice system and the modern prison experience. In this seminar, we will take these realities as our starting point, and consider what it means to practice criminal law in an era of mass incarceration, and in which the burdens of both crime and punishment fall disproportionately on poor people and people of color.