Faculty Profiles

Stephen Bainbridge

Stephen M. Bainbridge

William D. Warren Distinguished Professor of Law
B.A. Western Maryland College, 1980
M.S. Chemistry, University of Virginia, 1983
J.D. University of Virginia, 1985
UCLA Faculty Since 1997

LAW 230 - Business Associations

This course will focus on unincorporated business associations and corporations. In addition to the standard emphasis on state corporate law, especially that of Delaware, some attention will also be devoted to the federal securities laws. This class is taught via lecture. The examination will be administered on an open book basis. The exam will consist solely of objective questions

Course Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Develop facility with each of the three major forms of business association; i.e., partnership, limited liability company, and corporation.
  • Distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of each major form.
  • Know the principal legal characteristics of each major form.
  • Recognize the process of coordinating business and legal considerations so as to achieve optimal client outcomes in a transactional setting.