Faculty Profiles

Taimie Bryant

Taimie L. Bryant

Professor of Law
B.A. Bryn Mawr College, 1975
M.A. Anthropology, UCLA, 1978
Ph.D. UCLA, 1984
J.D. Harvard, 1987
UCLA Faculty Since 1988

LAW 130 - Property

Property law consists of many archaic as well as modern rules. Those rules regulate the relationship between people and between people and the government regarding the use and disposition of things designated as “property.” This course considers how many such rules are structured and the policy objectives they serve. Among the areas of property rules we will consider are adverse possession, chain of title, estates in land and future interests, concurrent ownership of property, and burdens or “servitudes” on land. Class attendance is mandatory and includes coming to class on time, participating in class on the basis of preparation for class, and avoidance of distracting or unhelpful behaviors and comments. Class participation can be an element in the final grade for this course, and insufficient class attendance can result in inability to sit for the required final examination. In addition to the closed-book final exam at the end of the course, there will be a minimum of two written assignments.