Faculty Profiles

Xiyin Tang

Xiyin Tang

Assistant Professor of Law
B.A. Columbia University, 2009
J.D. Yale Law School, 2012
UCLA Faculty Since 2020

Articles and Chapters

Copyright in the Expanded Field: On Land Art and Other New Mediums, in Non-Conventional Copyright: Do New and Atypical Works Deserve Protection? (edited by Enrico Bonadio and Nicola Lucchi, Edgar Elgar Publishing, 2018).
Against Fair Use: The Case for a Genericness Defense in Expressive Trademark Uses, 101 Iowa Law Review 1949 (2016). Full Text
Copyright and Cultural Capital, 66 Rutgers Law Review 425 (2014). Full Text
Copyright in the Expanded Field, 42 Hofstra Law Review 945 (2014). Full Text
Shame: A Different Criminal Law Proposal for Bullies, 61 Cleveland State Law Review 649 (2013). Full Text
The Perverse Logic of Teen Sexting Prosecutions (and How to Stop It), 19 Boston University Journal of Science & Technology Law 106 (2013). Full Text
Narrativizing the Architectural Copyright Act: Another View of the Cathedral, 21 Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal 33 (2013). Full Text
Note, The Artist as Brand: Toward a Trademark Conception of Moral Rights, 122 Yale Law Journal 218 (2012). Full Text
That Old Thing, Copyright…: Reconciling the Postmodern Paradox in the Digital Age, 39 AIPLA Quarterly 71 (2011). Full Text


5Pointz Ruling Explores “Moral Rights” Copyright Damages, LAW360 (Mar. 28, 2018). Full Text