The Broad Impact of the Law

At UCLA Law, we are bold thinkers, challenging convention and transforming the legal landscape of the future.

Law informs and influences nearly every aspect of our lives, affecting all of us in some way through its practice and policy. With your support, there is no limit to the impact we can have on the pressing problems and issues of our time – and those in the future.

At UCLA Law, we have built a strong foundation for the theory and practice of law. Our involvement in nearly every aspect of practice and policy is changing communities, the nation and the world.

Ensuring Opportunity for All
Remaining true to a great democratic tradition, we keep the doors of opportunity open and transform lives in the process.

Access and diversity are the hallmarks of UCLA Law. True to our mission as a great public law school, we offer an outstanding legal education that permits people from all walks of life to become leaders and innovators in law and beyond.

Education with Real-World Impact
UCLA Law’s leadership in skills training and real-world practice empowers students to make the most of their legal careers.

UCLA Law provides one of the most powerful pathways to the legal profession in the nation. That is why we regularly attract some of the largest applicant pools among the top law schools. Since pioneering clinical legal education in the early 1970s, UCLA Law’s curriculum has continued to set the pace for innovation and excellence through hands-on skills training and real-world practice. Our early leadership in clinical education remains the standard by which other law programs are measured.

Research That Matters
Our centers and institutes of excellence have an international reputation for innovative scholarship that informs and enriches law and policy.

Our more than 20 centers and institutes conduct cutting-edge, nonpartisan research on the most pressing problems of our time and the issues that are emerging on the horizon. From questions related to intellectual property protection or food safety to issues impacting business and taxation or the representation of underserved communities, UCLA Law has garnered an international reputation for innovative and impactful scholarship that is informing and enriching law and policy.

Leading the Debate
A destination for renowned scholars and practitioners, UCLA Law draws faculty members who are defining the intellectual debate on critical issues.

Our faculty is among the finest in the nation. A destination for renowned scholars and practitioners, UCLA Law draws top legal minds from around the globe. Our faculty members are not just brilliant legal researchers, but also award-winning, highly acclaimed teachers.

Bridging Communities
UCLA Law’s strong partnerships and clinics provide critical services and support that bridge community concerns locally and beyond.

UCLA Law has a long tradition of partnering with public interest organizations on issues important to our community, increasingly filling the gap when government programs fall short. Our live-client clinics not only provide students with important skills and exposure to complex legal matters, but also offer representation and support to those who otherwise lack access to vital services.