Class of 2018 Gift Committee

Please feel free to email any of us with questions or if you would like to learn more about joining the committee.

Team Section 1 & 2

Christian Rivas – Chair

Jay Factor

Brianne Holland-Stergar

Quemars Ahmed

Hannah Barker

Jacqueline Rosen

Taylor Ulrich

Team Section 3 & 4

Jason Brower – Chair

Sean Flores

Lorien Giles

Zachary Jenkens

David Leyva

Team Section 5 & 6

Julia Consoli-Tiensvold – Chair

David Alvarez

Andrew Diachenko

Justin Wilmers

Benjamin Ryzak

Austin Schulz-Amos

Team Section 7 & 8

Angus Beverly – Chair

Byron Barahona

Grace Bowden

Kimberly Kamkar

Dominic Rodono

Alicia Sharon

Vincent Shin

Mariah Volk

Spencer Chatellier

Ashley Hamilton

David Kaye

Team Transfers

Addison DiSesa – Chair

Monika Holser

Michael Matta

Charles Stevens

Team LLMs

Justin Locke – Chair

Simon Bruhn

Montana Cardinal

Louis Gibon

Rui Ishido

Bertrand Levesque

Camila Orrego

Xiuchun Sheng

Roger Steiner

Office Of External
Affairs & Development

Contact Information


Box 951476
Los Angeles, CA


A105 Law Building
Los Angeles, CA

(310) 206-1121
(310) 825-4404 FAX