Class of 2019 Gift Committee

Please feel free to email any of us with questions or if you would like to learn more about joining the committee.

Team Section 1 & 2

Asheeka Desai

Curtis Harris

Julia Markham-cameron

Andrew Park

Michael Segal

Celeste Villa

Team Section 3 & 4

Beth Abramson

Aaron Davis

Robert Despain

Morgan Thompson

Carly Trainor

Kenny Chung

Benjamin Feldman

Cheannie Kha

Faust Petkovich

Team Section 5 & 6

Cody McDavis

Carlos Castellanos

Kayla Karimi

Adam Kmett

Luis Vasquez

Team Section 7 & 8

Nicholas Baltaxe

Ian Grady

Heejin Hwang

Team Transfers

Janki Kaneria

Kelsey Middleton

Amber Munoz

Meha Raja

Team LLMs

Allyne Andrade e Silva

Jonathan Hager

Nivedita Kulkarni

Clemence Lepine

Orode Nanna

Chester Tsa

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Affairs & Development

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Box 951476
Los Angeles, CA


A105 Law Building
Los Angeles, CA

(310) 206-1121
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