The full suite of Library services for the UCLA School of Law Community is detailed on MyLaw (login required).

Self-Service Copying and Printing Photocopy Machines

Photocopiers are located on the first floor to the left as you enter the library (room 1112P) and on the second near the elevator (room 2112R). Machine problems may be reported to the Circulation Desk. Staplers, tape, and hole punches are available at the Circulation Desk.

BruinPrint/Wēpa Kiosk

Printing is available through a BruinPrint/Wēpa Kiosk located in the Reference Reading Room. The print jobs from all library public computers will be sent to this kiosk. Instructions are located next to each computer. Visit for more information

Visitor BruinCards


Library visitors can purchase a visitor BruinCard at the BruinCard machines near the Law Library entrance. The cost is $0.58 and the machines accept cash only. The cards are reusable, and value can be added to them at any library or campus BruinCard machine. Visitor BruinCards can also be used for purchases at campus locations and more than twenty businesses in Westwood that accept the BruinCard. However, refunds cannot be issued for any money left on a visitor BruinCard when the user is finished.

Payment for Copying and Printing

Library photocopiers, the microform printer, and the computer print station do not accept coins. In order to use these machines, you must add value to your personal BruinCard (for UCLA users) or purchase a Visitor BruinCard.

The BruinPrint/Wēpa Kiosk also accepts credit cards and if you sign up for a Wēpa account, you have the additional option of using PayPal.

Visit the Library System's Print, Copy, Scan page for additional information.

Copy/Print Fees
Self-Service Copying and Printing Prices (including sales tax)
Regular photocopying $0.09 per exposure $0.16 per exposure
Microform copying $0.15 per exposure $0.27 per exposure
B&W printing (BruinPrint/Wēpa)* $0.09 per page (single-sided)

$0.075 per side (double-sided)
Printing Color printing (BruinPrint/Wēpa)* $0.29 per page (single-sided)

$0.22 per side (double-sided)
Visitor BruinCard purchase Not applicable $0.58 per card

*There is a $0.40 fee per credit card transaction, regardless of the number of pages.

Microform Copies

A microform reader-printer is available in the Microform Room (1112K) at the far north end of the first floor. This machine reads and prints both microfilm and microfiche. The machine takes BruinCards only; the same card readers used in the copying machines operate in the microform reader-printer (see prices in the table above).


Users of these machines are responsible for compliance with U.S. copyright laws. Visit the UCLA Library Copyright Policies page for more information.