Online Library Tour: Second Floor - Copy Room

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There is a photocopier located in Room 2112R (two additional copiers are located on the First Floor, as well as a Microform Reader/Printer). To use the copier, you must have funds on your BruinCard, to which you can add at the "Value Transfer Station" near the Circulation Desk. Copies are 9 cents per page for UCLA users and 16 cents per page for non-UCLA users. Complete information about Self-Service Copying and Printing is available on the Library's web page.

LexisNexis Printers

Two high speed LexisNexis printers are also available in this room for Law Student use only. These printers are connected to your LexisNexis accounts, so you may print documents to this printer from any computer.  Student representatives sort the printouts by last name in file boxes, so you may pick up your documents at any time.