LL.M. Specialization in Human Rights

Specialization Requirements

To be awarded the specialization in Human Rights, a student must obtain a B- (2.7) grade average in courses taken for this specialization, and earn a minimum of ten units of credit from at least four courses within the specialization.

Detailed course descriptions are linked in the listings below. Prospective students should bear in mind that, due to curriculum scheduling and faculty availability, not every class listed is taught each year. This is most often true in the case of seminar courses. A sufficient number of courses will be available to enable those students who choose to specialize to satisfy the specialization requirements.

Required Course
Course # Course Name
273 International Human Rights Law
Group B (Sum of Required, Group A, and Group B courses must equal at least 4 courses and 10 units)
Course # Course Name
201 Constitutional Law II
202 Constitutional Criminal Procedure
214 Civil Rights
260 Labor Law I
261 Employment Law
263 Employment Discrimination Law
266 Critical Race Theory
267 Federal Indian Law
269 National Security Law
270 Public International Law
329 Women and the Law
331 Immigration Law
332 Immigrants' Rights
369 Anti-Terrorism and Criminal Enforcement
376 Law and Dissent
389 Prison Law and Policy
429 Capital Punishment in America
468 China and the International Legal Order
507 Seminar: Labor Law and Social Policy
509 Indigenous Peoples, Sustainability, and Climate Change
522 Seminar: Land, Dispossession and Displacement: Topics in Property Law
537 Seminar: Low-Wage Workers
553 Seminar: Intersectionalities: Theorizing Multiple Discrimination, Identity and Power
558 Seminar: Political Crimes and Legal Systems
583 Seminar: Foreign Relations Law
614 Seminar: Global Perspectives on Criminal Procedure
616 Seminar: Theories of International Law
619 Seminar: Environmental Justice Law
625 Seminar: Community Lawyering and Low Wage Worker Organizing
629 Seminar: Topics in Post-Conviction Law & Policy
636 Seminar: Current Issues in Chinese Law
637 Seminar: Good (Native) Governance
645 Seminar: Race Conscious Remedies
647 Seminar: The Trafficking in Human Beings: Law and Policy
653 Seminar: Advanced Critical Race Theory
668 Seminar: The 8th Amendment Punishments Clause
690 Seminar: Race, Social Psychology, and the Legal Process
697 Seminar: Gun Control
708 Clinical: Civil Rights and Police Accountability
728 Clinical: Tribal Legal Development
773 Clinical: Immigrants' Rights Policy Clinic
941 J-Term: Law of the US - Mexico Border
951 Human Rights Challenge*
956 J-Term: Legal Holocaust in Hitler's Europe
957 Hard Cases Make Bad (Human Rights) Law