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Networking Tactics for Finding Jobs and Building Careers Workshop

Date/Time :10/26/2013 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Location :Room 1447
Organizer :OCS (Tina Lee)
Description :

3Ls, LL.M. and Recent Graduates - Saturday, October 26 at 10:00am – 12:30pm

Location: Room 1447

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The Law School is offering you a special opportunity that will help accelerate your job search and career.


On Saturday, October 26th, the Law School is sponsoring the program: Networking Tactics for Finding Jobs and Building Careerswith Earl Pinto and Jorge Colón. The program is an interactive experience designed to accelerate your learning the social capital tools for finding a job in this challenging legal market, and relationship skills to maintain a successful career in law. The speakers are Jorge Colón, the founder of The Online Bar Association and Earl Pinto, founder of CLICKED, LLC. They designed this course from their vast experience as master networking lawyers to accelerate your competitive advantage in finding jobs and building your career.


You will leave with the following:

·         A personal strategy for your job search, including the key people with whom to connect.

·         Tactics for accessing gatekeepers and decision makers for the jobs you want most.

·         Skills to be effective in any networking event.

·         Tactics to turn any professional event into an opportunity to secure job offers.

·         Leveraging Linkedin to build a pipeline of job opportunities to you. 


 Testimonials from Law Students:  

 “Jorge Colón and Earl Pinto's seminar was the most effective and worthwhile event that I have attended as a student!”


 “(The) Tactics for Finding Jobs and Building Careers" seminar was the most practical and rewarding event that I have attended in my three years at William and Mary Law School. Mr. Colón and Mr. Pinto's networking strategies were very clear and easy to apply. I think that if you are willing to listen and implement the strategies that Mr. Colón and Mr. Pinto discuss any law student or professional can be significantly ahead of the game. These strategies allow you to network for both your professional betterment and the betterment of those you network with. Additionally, these networking strategies are career and life-long skills that can only better you professionally and personally”


 “[Their] networking tactics take the ‘slimy’ out of networking and add generosity, honesty, and authenticity to the term. [They] will show you how to get through that awkward firm mixer, and tell you how to make a lasting impression at a crowded career fair. They will teach you not only how to organize and keep in touch with your PINKS (People I Need to Know) but also how to stand out in a job market inundated with applications. Engaging and informative, this is a must-see lecture – a Saturday well spent!”  


 “The biggest regret I had in law school was not having the opportunity to take this class early on.  Earl and Jorge lay out practically everything you need to know about networking in the legal community. From the fundamentals to high-level theory, Earl and Jorge can teach the most accomplished person even more about what it takes to make and maintain professional relationships.  I know my job search

would have gone much smoother if I had attended their course as soon as it was offered!”