Professor Motomura Discusses Immigration Issues in Multiple Media Outlets

September 6, 2013 -- Professor Hiroshi Motomura commented on Sergio Garcia's, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, court battle for a California law license.

"Immigrants must wait longer if they are from Mexico, India, China, or the Philippines, because lots of people from those countries want to immigrant to the U.S., and so demand is greater than supply," said Hiroshi Motomura, professor of immigration and citizenship law at the UCLA School of Law.

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Professor Motomura also discusses what President Obama can do if Congress fails to pass an immigration-reform bill.

"If the president can make a list to prioritize who should be deported first, then I think it's clear he can give people at the bottom of that list a piece of paper saying you're at the bottom," Motomura says. 

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