Megan Herzog of the Emmet Center Interviewed on HuffPo Live About the Emmet Center's Plastic Marine Litter Pritzker Brief

‚ÄčNovember 15, 2013 -- Emmett/Frankel Fellow Megan Herzog joined Mark Gold, Associate Director of UCLA's Institute of the Environment & Sustainability, and actress and environmental activist Amy Smart in a segment on today's Huffington Post Live to discuss the growing problem of plastic marine litter. Herzog and Gold are co-authors, along with Emmett Center Executive Director Cara Horowitz, Katie Mika, and J.D. student Lara Leitner, of Pritzker Brief No. 5, "Stemming the Tide of Plastic Marine Litter: A Global Action Agenda."

You can watch the full segment on the Huffington Post website here.