Clinic files brief in CA Court of Appeal case

‚ÄčThe Frank G. Wells Environmental Law Clinic filed a friend of the court brief in the California Court of Appeal case Friends of the Eel River v. North Coast Railroad Authority, on behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Planning and Conservation League, and Sierra Club.  In this brief, the Wells Clinic urged the court to allow Friends of the Eel River to pursue its claim that the North Coast Railroad Authority violated the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) when it approved the re-opening of a new freight rail line that would have significant impacts on Northern California’s environment.  The trial court in this case had previously decided that federal law governing railroad operations preempted the application of CEQA, even though the defendant had made a legally-binding commitment to comply with CEQA.  Clinic students Donald Ristow and Greg Bonett researched and drafted this brief, under the direction of Sean Hecht.