Professor Motomura Comments on Shift in President's Deportation Policy in New York Times and The New Republic Articles

​March 14, 2014 -- Professor Hiroshi Motomura commented on an apparent shift in President Obama's deportation policy. His comments appear in a New York Times article.

Hiroshi Motomura, an immigration law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, said the president might offer reprieves to otherwise law-abiding immigrants who had been here without documentation for a decade or more.

“As long as he is not trying to change the law unilaterally but he is trying to impose order on the system, he is well within his discretion,” Mr. Motomura said.

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From The New Republic:

As Hiroshi Motomura of the UCLA School of Law put it, “He would reach political constraints long before he reaches legal ones.”

Professor Motomura also discussed the topic in an interview on German television. His segment can be viewed here​.